Interview Questions

Video Interview

Interview Question

  1. Tell us about yourself.

  2. Why are you interested in enrolling in the Supreme Wisdom Educational Center?

  3. What is your personal view on education and a New Educational Paradigm based on the Supreme Wisdom Lesson given to us by Allah, Who appeared in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad?

  4. Explain your understanding of Who is Master Fard Muhammad and why He came to save the Lost-Found Members of the Nation of Islam in the West?

  5. What is your understanding of the reality that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is still physically alive?

  6. How do your view the role of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his work today?

  7. Read Our Saviour Has Arrived Chapter 23: He (Allah) Makes All Things New and tell us about your view on the reality of the Hereafter - Now.

  8. What is a change agent? Are you willing to be a change agent in the educational paradigm for a New World? Please explain your personal qualities and or give examples of how you have been a change agent.

  9. The application process requires a video interview of each applicant. This interview is for two purposes: (1) verification that the applicant is the person who they are representing on the application and (2) for the Admissions Council to make a more informed decision in the selection process for this very unique experience.

The process is relatively simple. There are 4 easy steps:

  1. Read over the interview questions and formulate your answers.

  2. Use a camera or cell phone and video your responses to the questions.

  3. Upload the video from your devise to the folder that you have created for the application process then "zip" the folder.

  4. Then email the video to SWEC Admissions at addressed to Director of Admissions.