SWEC Alumni

SWEC Alumni

An alumnus or an alumna of a college, university, or other school is a former student who has either attended or graduated in some fashion from the institution. The word is Latin and simply means "one who is being nourished". The plural is alumni for men and mixed groups and alumnae for women 

Brother Abdul Haleem Muhammad 2022

Sister Aisha Muhammad 2020/2021

Sister Alicia Star Muhammad 2020

Sister Aminah Muhammad 2022

Sister Andrena Muhammad 2020

Sister Angela Yassien Muhammad 2019

Sister Aseelah Muhammad 2020/2021

      Sister Aqila Muhammad       2022

Sister Atiya Muhammad 2023

Sister Claressa Muhammad 2013

Sister Cynthia Muhammad 2013

Brother Chantain X Greer  2013

Sister Ciara Muhammad Ali 2020

Sister Dawn R. Muhammad 2013

Sister Destiny Muhammad 2020

Brother Donald Muhammad 2013

Sister Ga'Brielle Muhammad 2019

Sister Gail Muhammad 2022

Sister Georgina Muhammad 2022

Brother Isiah Razzak          2022

     Sister Jarita B. Muhammad 2020

Sister Jaslyn Muhammad   2022

Sister Jasmine X Moore     2019         

Brother Jawanza X             2022

Sister Jennifer Muhammad 2013

     Brother Joseph X Crawford 2022

        Sister Kadara (Nakia) Muhammad 2022

Sister Karneshia X Jemison 2020

Sister Karriemah H. Muqeet 2022

Sister Kathryn Muhammad 2023

Sister Keicia M. Muhammad 2021

Sister Khalidah Shaheed Muhammad 2019

 Sister Krystina E. Muhammad 2022

Sister Latasha Muhammad 2019

Sister Lateefah Muhammad 2013

 Sister Lisa X Mosley         2019

Sister Loretta Muhammad 2021

        Brother Luqman Abdul Nasir Muhammad 2022

Sister Marva Muhammad 2020/2021

Brother Melvin Muhammad 2022

Sister Muhsana Muhammad 2013

Sister Octavia X Petty 2020/2021

Sister Patricia Muhammad 2020/2021

             Peggy 2X Tyler            2020

Sister Saasha Muhammad 2022

          Sister Samantha X           2022

           Sister Sharon 4X               2022

Sister Shelly Muhammad   2019

Sister Sylvia Muhammad   2013

             Brother Tyrell X               2013

 Sister Tracy Muhammad    2020

Sister Valinda Muhammad 2021

Sister Yvonne Muhammad 2013

Sister Zakiyyah Muhammad 2022

You 2023

You 2023