Services and Products


We offer Teacher Professional Development Training

    • Classroom Design and Management

    • Student Discipline - The Self-Discipline Approach

    • Integrated Curriculum Design

    • Thematic Curriculum Design

    • Rigorous Content Development

We offer Supreme Wisdom Curriculum Development Coaching

    • Yearly Curriculum Planning

    • Unit and Lesson Planning

    • Assessment Development

    • Materials Development


Classroom Resources

    • Access to our resources is free, but membership is required; you will need to login or register,

      • Summative Assessment

      • Unit Plans

      • Unit Checklist

      • Unit Planning Template

      • Lesson Plans

      • Lesson Plan Checklist

      • Lesson Planning Template

      • Cause and Effect Problem-Solving Method

Webinars and Tutorials

    • Our library of free webinars features an hour-long discussion on How to Plan Integrated Thematic Instruction.

    • Or, watch our shorter tutorial on how to plan a rigorous unit for the Supreme Wisdom Curriculum.


    • If I Am A Muslim, Why Are My Children Acting Like Negroes? A Parenting Guide For Raising Muslim Children.

School Kits

School in a Box: This is a package offering to assist groups of interested persons to start Independent Black School. The package is a step by step "how-to" for opening an Independent Black School. Consulting is an additional charge.

Development Kits for Yearly School Lesson Planning: Our Yearly School Planning Development Kit includes the instructions, samples and templates for advance planning for the upcoming school term. The kit also includes a monthly Profession Development live training with one of our professional consultants. And the kit also comes with Educational Leadership training.

How to Plan Sound Instruction: This training is based on the a curriculum derived from The Supreme Wisdom Original Rules of Instructions to the Labors of Michigan No. 1. This training provides valuable worksheets, planning templates and strategies to help you create more lesson plans— including selecting and correlating content, implementing powerful instructional strategies, and creating and administering meaningful assessments.

Learn more in our Principles of Teaching gods Series, a how-to series that focuses the 7 principles introduced in How to Plan Sound Instruction workshop.


School Toolbox


    • Online

    • On-Site

Religious Leaders

    1. Mosque Laborers (Executive Council To The School) Support

    2. Church Organization

    3. School Boards

Local Organizing Committee (LOC) Meetings

Regional and Local Ministries of Education (MOEs)

Organizing a Parent Orientation and Developing Parent-Teacher Associations

Developing Home-School Groups and Cooperatives