Truly Engaging, Interactive Professional Development

Do you want to bring the SWEC approach to education to your school? We offer multiple workshops on setting the mind for learning — hitting on such topic as how to help all students see themselves in the curriculum and approach learning with the mind of a master, developing thematic units around The Student Enrollment and rigorous instruction strategies. We also feature workshops for Instructional Leaders.

Need to address a larger audience? Let us provide one of our Supreme Wisdom Curriculum keynote presentations on such topics as correlations between subject matter and The Supreme Wisdom Lessons. We can also customize our topics to meet your needs.

Curriculum Development and Writing

    • Developing and Writing Unit Plans

    • Developing and Writing Lesson Plans

    • Developing Evaluations and Assessments Tools

    • Developing and Writing Textbooks

Teacher Professional Development

    • Producing the Final Valuable Product (FVP) - a "god"

    • Classroom Management

    • Unit and Lesson Planning

    • Balancing Your Life, Your Classroom and The Mission

Supreme Wisdom Curriculum development professional development workshops are different. Really. Our workshops are truly engaging. We show teachers and administrators how to apply the 7 Principles of Effective Instruction to help students thrive. Then we work together on your specific situations so your questions are answered on the spot and you leave with the ability to make immediate change.

The strategies we teach set educators up for success year after year—for every student in every class regardless of the latest state mandate or testing model.

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions can be found here. Talk to us about your school and let us make a difference for you.

  • Differentiated Instruction Strategies for Teachers

  • Motivating Students to Learn

  • Never Work Harder Than Your Students

  • New Teacher Training

  • Rigor for Teachers

  • Supporting Struggling Students

  • Classroom Expectations

  • Supporting Students Through Effective Feedback

  • Improving Student Engagement

  • Quality versus Quantity: Prioritizing Your Curriculum

  • Professional Development Workshops for Educational Leaders:

  • Differentiated Instruction Strategies for Educational Leaders

  • Strategic Conversations for Educational Leaders

  • Rigor for Educational Leaders

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